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ghost whispers new march2013 nook Ghost Whispers

Eighteen-year-old Alexis had a plan. Go on the ghost hunting field trip, get an easy A in Paranormal Studies and relax. She never expected the ghosts to talk to her again, or that she’d meet someone like Phillip, who can block the ghosts’ whispers with a touch. As her relationship with Phillip grows, so does the danger to Alexis. A hellhound tries to kill her. Vampires interrupt their first date. His gorgeous ex threatens her…
Gavin is a ghost. And he insists on talking to Alexis, even when she ignores him. For some reason, Phillip can’t block Gavin’s voice. When Gavin saves her from an attack by a vamp sent to kill her, Alexis warms up to the idea of keeping him around. Gavin tries to keep her out of trouble, but Alexis is stubborn.
Phillip is in the middle of some kind of vampire royal succession, and the threats seem to come nonstop from all directions. Not only does Alexis have to look out for his ex and her minions, an enemy from his past has rolled into town looking to settle an old score.  As if Phillip nearly draining her in a haze of bloodlust isn’t bad enough…

Phillip’s world is dangerous, but Alexis is adapting. There’s no place she’d rather be. In that world, she discovers an inner strength she wasn’t aware she possessed.

riptide mockup 22 no laceRiptide

A girl. An abusive boyfriend. Mysterious new kids in town. What do you do when everything you’ve ever believed turns out to be wrong?

Dani’s life is going great. She’s close to her family, gets good grades, and her boyfriend Reese is awesome. Except he’s not, but no one knows that. The night a handsome boy named Max saves her from nearly drowning, Dani is immediately attracted to the new kid in town. The fact that she has a boyfriend doesn’t scare him off. He’s everything she could possibly want—sweet, caring, and kind. As the pair grows closer, and secrets with earth-shattering potential are revealed, Dani has to choose who she wants to be with.

Max has waited what seems like a lifetime for Dani. When he finally meets her, they hit it off and things seem to be going great, if only she’d get over that boyfriend of hers. When a mysterious aquatic creature winds up at the local aquarium, Max can’t let him remain in captivity. He doesn’t want to drag Dani into his world, but she refuses to be excluded. Together the pair frees the Mer, revealing secrets that turn everything Dani thought she knew about the world upside down. On top of that, Dani’s ex won’t go away. Will the secrets and pressure from her ex bring Max and Dani together or tear them apart?

Short Stories:
The Chosen Series: (short stories)

Lost and Found (Chosen #1)
It’s Christmas Eve. Vampires control Southern California and zombies have overrun the town of Barrel Springs, forcing us to seek refuge in the abandoned lab where Mariah was held prisoner and tortured. Tonight is meant for friends. Hopefully, they’ll make it home.

Uninvited (Chosen #2)
Zombies don’t sleep and they don’t take Christmas Day off. The zombies are on the offensive. Dimitri and the two Chosen, Bas and Hope, take the fight to them. Back at the bunker, two scary-powerful uninvited guests leave Peter bleeding from his ears. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the zombies have decided to visit. This short story is the sequel to Lost & Found.


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