Writerly Ramblings: Riptide, NaNo and Mind Crime

riptide mockup 22 no lace

The sale is still going on. Riptide (ebook version) is still just 99 cents at B & N, Amazon & Smashwords. I didn’t know how to change the price at Libiro without going through the entire uploading process, so I apologize that I didn’t reduce the price there. The sale will be going on until Veteran’s Day. After all, what better time is there to load up your ereader than a 3-day weekend? I’ve got such a large electronic TBR pile that I can’t quite figure out where to begin. But the new Morganville novel is out, so that is next on my list.


NaNoWriMo. My word count is off from what it should be according to their word counter. Hopefully that will just be a temporary situation while I adjust to my new schedule (I started the new job this week). Mind Crime is coming along, despite the slow pace. I have a short description because SW requires two. I have such difficulty describing a story in 400 characters. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too close to the story or some other reason, such as not wanting to leave anything out yet not inadvertently give anything away. I think I write almost as many drafts of descriptions as I do of entire manuscripts.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a very rough copy of the short description. It may change as the story unfolds. But in the meantime, here it is.

Most of the gifted teens who live at the Barnes Institute don’t know who they are or what they can do. When the staff discovers Candace’s immunity to their mindwiping techniques, she is marked for termination, and her friend Aiden is the one selected to pull the trigger. Will she be able to override his programming and convince him to run away with her when he has no idea who she is? For ages 17+.

Like I said, this is rough. It’s the idea I started with. Aiden’s memory is proving more resilient than I realized, or so it seems. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

And now I have a question for the writers among you: How do you plan your stories? Do you meticulously outline and never deviate, or do you start with an idea you may or may not write down? Or do you do something completely different? Sometimes, I see a news article that sparks an idea. Sometimes all I’ve got is the character and the situation s/he is in.


I write paranormal stories, usually YA with a dash of romance added in. I have been a bank teller, a school photographer, a news photographer, and a special education teacher.

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